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Emergency Plumber, Sewer Drain Cleaning, Mainline Sewer Repair, and Leak Detection in Oklahoma City, OK

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Are you facing a burst pipe, water leak, drain clog, or similar plumbing emergency? It might be soft, wet ground in your yard or a leaking pipe in a wall, but whatever your emergency plumber needs are in Oklahoma City, OK, you can contact us 24/7. Our plumbing company services OKC and the surrounding areas for routine services as well as plumbing emergencies.

From leak detection and repairs to drain cleaning services for prevention, we are your full-service plumbing company in Oklahoma City. Outside ground feeling mushy and wet could mean an issue with your water line or main line. Water running sounds or wet spots appearing could also be the start of a serious water leak if not handled quickly. Contact us today to learn more and schedule our technicians for your plumbing needs.

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Sewer line cleaning in Oklahoma City, OK

Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning Services in Oklahoma City

Many people are surprised at how clogged their sewer line is from grease, hair, toilet paper, and even tree roots that come in through cracks in the piping.

Our drain line cleaning services will use a camera to see what might be in your sewer line and then we can determine the right tools to cut through and clean out your home’s drain line to keep things flowing cleanly.

We also offer repiping and pipe repair services in Oklahoma City.

Mainline Sewer Repair in Oklahoma City

It isn’t pretty but sometimes the big guns need to come out, and that means an excavator to access your mainline sewer for repairs or to access and repair or replace your septic tank line, city sewer line, or main water line. Leaks in any of these items can mean issues for the ground as well as any structures that are near the leak. Our team will make the necessary repairs without cutting corners so you can trust that things are done the right way.

Plumbing Company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Our team of expert plumbers will take the time to thoroughly investigate the project and come up with innovative repairs or replacements for a long-lasting solution. If you are getting others that say a project can’t be done at your property in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma then you aren’t talking with the right plumbers. Contact Amped Plumbing today and explain what you need done. Our technicians will develop a way to make it happen and have it last for years to come.

Our Plumbing Company Serves the Greater OKC Area

Whether you need water leak detection services in an emergency or want to upgrade your plumbing in a bathroom or kitchen, our team is ready to help.

We are proud to serve residents of Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Oklahoma City has one of the world’s largest livestock markets. Oil, natural gas, petroleum products, and related industries are its economy’s largest sectors. Since weather records have been kept beginning in 1890, Oklahoma City has been struck by 14 violent tornadoes, 11 of which were rated F4 or EF4 on the Fujita and Enhanced Fujita scales, and one each rated F5 and EF5. OKC is known for more than its industrial diversity and blustery weather, Oklahoma City is the capital of our state and beloved for its cowboy culture and charming local attractions.

If you live in the Greater Oklahoma City area and need a plumber, we are here to help whenever you need it. Contact us today for a plumbing company that you can trust to do things right.