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Edmond, OK

Emergency Plumber, Sewer Drain Cleaning, Mainline Sewer Repair, and Water Leak Detection in Edmond, OK

Plumber near Edmond, OK

Maybe you took a look at your monthly water bill and noticed that your usage was higher than normal, or you find that all of the drains in your Edmond, OK home seem to be draining slower than they used to. Whether it’s drain line cleaning services, water leak detection services, or even off-hours emergency plumbing needs, the team at Amped Plumbing are fully trained and prepared to help correct any plumbing issues that you may have.

Keeping the water and wastewater flowing is the name of the game, along with keeping it all contained to where it should be. If you suspect you have water or sewer issues, contact us today and have one of our technicians come to inspect your plumbing.

Amped Plumbing Team
Sewer drain cleaning in Yukon, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Moore, OK

Sewer Line and Drain Cleaning Services in Edmond, OK

If you find that the drains in your home are draining slower than they should, there could be several reasons for this.

Our technicians can bring a camera snake to check out drain lines in your home to confirm where the slowdown is occurring and to then formulate a plan for drain clean services that keep things flowing freely.

Mainline Sewer Repair in Edmond, OK

If all of your home’s drains end up fine and clear, then what is left is your main sewer line. If connected to the city services, your main sewer line might be clogged and need repairs at the least, or potential replacement if the line is cracked, etc.

Plumbing Company in Edmond, Oklahoma

Because our technicians have years, often decades of experience, we are a trusted plumbing company that works with many residential customers in Edmond, Oklahoma. Our licensed and trained plumbers are experienced in all plumbing repairs and installation services including garbage disposals, sewer lines, water filtration, water softening, and other plumbing needs. Contact Amped Plumbing for any and all plumbing needs, including 24/7 for an emergency plumber.

Our Plumbing Company Serves Edmond and the Greater OKC Area

From kitchen plumbing to sump pumps, water softeners to sewer lines, and everything in between, our team can handle it.

We are proud to serve Edmond, Oklahoma. The Santa Fe rail line in Oklahoma Territory established a water and coaling station for steam engines at this location when the Santa Fe Railroad built into Indian Territory in 1887. The town of Edmond sprang up overnight during the great Oklahoma land run on April 22, 1889, when homesteads were staked around the Santa Fe station. The first public schoolhouse in Oklahoma Territory, completed in August 1889, is in Edmond. Beyond it’s historical significance, Edmond, OK is considered the “Crown Jewel” of Oklahoma due to its proximity to Oklahoma City.

Whether you reside in Edmond, Oklahoma City, or the surrounding areas, our plumbing company is here to help. Contact us for all of your plumbing needs or emergency services 24/7.